Brake Service Near Coeburn, VA

Close up view of a vehicle's brake system

Brake Service at Freedom Ford of Wise

When it comes to getting out of sticky situations, your brakes are your best friend. You might not think about them often, as most drivers just expect them to work no matter what. If you fail to keep up with your services though, you’re going to eventually run into a few entirely preventable problems. It’s incredibly dangerous to drive without a reliable set of brakes, so when you need service, you can head to Freedom Ford of Wise.

Diagnosing Your Brake Problem in Wise, VA

Your brakes might seem simple, but there are a lot of moving parts that have to work together to stop your vehicle. After all, it’s not easy to stop something that weighs thousands of pounds and is moving at high speeds. The most common service that you’ll need is usually a brake pad replacement, as these pads are going to be wearing away every time you tap the pedal. They take the brunt of the friction, so they’ll eventually need to be replaced. If this isn’t what’s causing you issues though, then it could easily be your brake lines or even your power brake booster. When you need to have your model inspected, our mechanics at Freedom Ford of Wise can always diagnose your vehicle.

Are Your Brakes Deteriorating?

Your brake system is complicated, so you might experience a range of different symptoms when they start to go out.

  • Keep an Ear Out: Your brakes might begin to squeak when they’re wearing down. You could also hear a grinding sound or squealing depending on the state of your brake pads.
  • Paying Attention to Your Car: You might notice a change in your brakes as you’re driving. For example, it could take you longer to stop and you might notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side. If your brake pedal is hard to push, you’ll want to visit the mechanic immediately. You’ll want to also look out for any possible leaks.
  • Your Engine Has Trouble: Believe it or not, your braking system can affect your engine. If your engine starts to misfire or it stalls, then it could be due to a bad power brake booster.
  • The First Sign: The first sign that most drivers get is usually a warning on the dashboard.

Visiting a Trusted Mechanic at Freedom Ford

Since there’s so much that can go wrong with your brake system, this probably isn’t a repair that you’ll want to handle on your own. After all, your brakes are directly responsible for your safety and security when you’re behind the wheel. When you need a mechanic you can trust, and you live near Coeburn, Wise, or Big Stone Gap, you can stop by Freedom Ford of Wise.

  • Finding Your Problem Quickly: You might be having a problem with your rotors, your brake pads, or even the brake fluid itself. Regardless of what’s going on with your model, our mechanics will be able to quickly locate the issue so that you can get back on the road safely.
  • Putting Your Safety First: Once we’ve fixed your brakes, you should feel confident on the road. If you routinely drive with passengers, or you’re used to taking long trips, this isn’t a repair that you’ll want to skip.

 If you’re having trouble braking, then you’ll want to take the time to schedule a service at Freedom Ford of Wise.