Battery Service in Wise, VA

Close up view of a service tech working on a car battery

Battery Service at Freedom Ford of Wise

If any link in your electric power supply falters, your vehicle will not function. That’s why it is so important to get regular maintenance on the components of this system. If you live in or around Norton, Big Stone Gap, or Coeburn, you can get quality service at Freedom Ford of Wise. In your power supply, it is your battery that stores the power, and it is your battery that allows you to use all the bells and whistles your vehicle has, including your radio, lights, screens, and interfaces, but it also allows your vehicle to continue to run.

Battery Service

If you enter your car and turn the key and nothing happens or you hear a clicking sound, you may have problems with your battery or your alternator. The way to differentiate is if you can jump-start your vehicle, it’s likely the battery. It could be your alternator or one of the other components of your electric power supply if the vehicle still won’t start. If you can get your vehicle to Freedom Ford of Wise, we can perform a diagnostic test. We’ll hook your vehicle up to a computer and let it tell us what’s wrong so we can make an accurate repair. A technician will go over the results and advise you on how to proceed.

Why Won’t My Car Start?

If your vehicle won’t start even with a jump, it is likely a problem with your battery or a component of your ignition and starting system which is also a part of your vehicle’s power supply. If:

  • Your battery is drained but healthy, the problem is usually associated with leaving a dome light on or some other feature that relies on your battery to work. This is the easiest fix, and a jump start will get you going.
  • Your battery won’t hold a charge, which can mean an old battery or a defect in the battery and in this case, you will likely need a battery replacement. If your car still won’t start after being jumped, have your battery tested for function.
  • Neither of the above is true, then it may be a problem with your starting system. This means that it is not a battery issue, but a problem preventing ignition which is draining your battery or keeping your battery from charging when you drive.

If It’s Not the Battery, then…?

If your vehicle won’t start with a fully functional battery, then it is likely a problem with your starter, ignition switch, alternator, fuses, or spark plugs. It could be just a simple dirty battery or a corroded battery terminal that does not allow current to run. Once you clean these battery components, if there is still a problem you may need a battery test.

When you are having problems starting your vehicle or keeping it going, bring it into our service department at Victory Ford of Wise and let our technicians find the problem and fix it. Be sure to have regular battery service to keep you safe on the road. Contact us and set up an appointment today.